Visual Computing Template #

Welcome to the UN / DISI visual computing course template site.

Goal #

To study the process of creation and manipulation of a digital image of a modern visual application, using current hardware.

Methodology #

Active learning to complete the template exercises and workshops selected by the different teams.


  1. Teams should be conformed of two (or three) people dependent on course attendance.
  2. Never use someone else’s code unless it’s explicitly allowed. Doing so usually produces confusion.
  3. Developments should be presented in a showcase (like this one) and exposed publicly by all team mates.

Grading #

Quizzes, excercises and workshops blog posts-like academic reports produced with gohugo and p5.js and having the following outline:

  • Problem statement
  • Background
  • Code (solution) & results
  • Conclusions & future work
Grading results are only discussed personally in class soon after gradings take place.

Outline #

  • Visual illusions
    • Coloring
    • Mach band
    • Masking
    • Spatial & temporal coherence
    • Depth perception
  • Rendering
    • Barycentric coordinates
    • Rasterization
  • Homogenous coordinates
    • Linear transformation
    • Affine transformations
    • Projections
  • Coordinate spaces
    • Texture
    • Model
    • View
    • Clip
    • Window
  • Shaders
    • Coloring
    • Texturing
    • Image processing
    • Lighting

Resources #

Thesis proposals to contribute developing any of the above resources are welcome!